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Blackjack has been one of the most popular card games in the world since its earliest beginnings. It originated in the Middle Ages in Europe, and may well have been played by the Crusaders! The thrilling combination of chance and skilled strategy tempt players from Australia and the rest of the world. The explosion of online games has also brought the game to a whole new audience, and its popularity just keeps on growing!

The exact origins of the game are somewhat murky, but it could have been inspired by any one of several other card games from that era, including online Baccarat, that all require a player to reach a specified number in order to win. Standardized decks of cards were printed in 1440, and card games were soon wildly popular among royalty and the wealthy classes of Europe. The most likely true Blackjack ancestor is the French game Ving Un, or 21. Once it arrived in America in the late 1800s, it was enthusiastically adopted and appeared in gambling halls as Twenty-One from 1910. To entice players even more, dealers began to offer glittering bonus schemes and payouts. This is the thrilling and rewarding game format that players relish today, and was immediately hugely popular.

In today’s classic entertainment, players are pitted against the dealer. The cards in a player’s hand need to total as near to 21 as possible without exceeding it. If a player or dealer’s hand is over 21 they lose the round, and the person that reaches 21 or the closest to this total wins the round. Two cards are dealt to the player to start with and the game’s skill lies in deciding whether to keep the cards in hand or to request a change. The fine balance between trying for 21 and not surpassing it, or going “bust”, is the real art of the game, and provides endless hours of immersive entertainment to savvy online players across Australia. Blackjack’s appeal lies in the challenging of perfecting this balancing act, and in its flexibility. Aficionados love the challenge of manipulating bets and odds for the chance to win big!

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Online Blackjack for Real Money

Blackjack was one of the earliest amusements offered at online casinos, and remains one of the most popular. Many establishments offer some 21 games in their overall array, while some online casinos focus only on this game. New enthusiasts and seasoned aficionados are positively spoilt for choice! Everyone is sure to find their favorite among the huge variety available, including Classic, European, Atlantic City, Perfect Pairs, Vegas and many more. Most sites allow free play for no deposit as visitors explore these sites, so players are really encouraged to relish their online Blackjack journey.

One of the best features of digital casinos is their incredible bonuses, and players should really look around to find the ones that are most beneficial as they can fatten wallets considerably. These were originally used to make up for the lack of live entertainment and complimentary drinks that are found in land casinos, and have become very lucrative indeed!

Blackjack games, both online and offline, remain exciting casino features and evolve with the sophisticated players of today. For this perennial card game favorite, the future looks even brighter than the past!

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